Space Advisors is a distinguished leader in Tenant and Buyer advisory services for commercial real estate.  We focus on delivery of cost proficient results for the end users of office, industrial and retail space.  For over 20 years we have directed our experience towards providing lease /contract negotiation, advisory consulting, lease modifications, site selection and relocation analysis.
Specializing in the representation of end users for commercial space we discard the notion that “full service” real estate firms can equally represent Tenants or Buyers the inherent conflict of interest present when servicing, marketing or catering to large corporate owners of commercial real estate.  This provides a service platform that precludes any conflict of interest thereby representing our clients in the pursuit of facilities which align themselves with their business model-and not the landlords.  Pursuing this fiduciary relationship allows the representation of corporations and small business owners for their immediate and long term needs.
Space Advisors utilizes local market knowledge, financial modeling, long term alliances and a track record of success to deliver “best in class”results.  From our initial interview process through the final occupation of facilities Space Advisors insures that our clients can focus on their core business and rely on us to to provide exceptional service with the end in mind.
“Our achievements shall be evaluated in the attainment of clientele goals, endorsement  and enduring relationships”.